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Switch Machines for Railroads

Looking for quality switch machines for railroads? View our remanufactured railroad switch machines below! A properly remanufactured machine can be just as good if not better than a new machine!

Remanufactured Switch Machines for Railroads

If you’re a signal engineer or maintainer you already know what a remanufactured switch machine can save you.

At Patco Industries Inc., we take great pride in the excellence of our switch machines for railroads, confidently asserting their superiority in the industry. While other repair shops may rely on eloquent sales pitches, we believe our machines stand as testaments to our commitment to quality.

Patco handles repairs for various switch machines, including renowned models like GRS Model 5, US&S M Series, and GRS Model 6. We refrain from using the phrase “like new” because, in our eyes, our switch machines for railroads are, in fact, brand new. A significant majority of our machines boast new components, from nuts and bolts to carbons, leaving no detail overlooked in our efforts to supply top-tier switch machines.

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Alstom 5H Switch Machine

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Each of our switch machines for railroads undergo rigorous testing and meticulous adjustment to adhere to O.E.M. specifications, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality available in the market. We invite you to review our remanufacturing specifications for the US&S and Alstom Switch Machines to witness our commitment to quality and precision.

At Patco, we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition, positioning ourselves as a superior alternative to brand-new machines. When the need arises for switch machines for railroads, consider Patco as your reliable choice for unmatched performance and reliability!

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US&S M23 Switch Machine

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