Remanufactured Switch Machines

If you’re a signal engineer or maintainer you already know what a remanufactured switch machine can save you. A machine that is remanufactured properly can be just as good if not better than a new machine.


Alstom 5H Switch Machine

At Patco we take pride in our remanufactured switch machines, because we can. Other repair shops may have great salesmen who promise you everything and anything, we don’t do that we let our machines speak for themselves.

Patco repairs every type of machine including GRS Model 5, US&S M series, and GRS Model 6. At Patco we don’t like to use the phrase “like new”, because we consider our remanufactured machines new. Over 85% of our machines have new parts from nuts and bolts to carbons; we don’t leave one stone unturned when remanufacturing switch machines.