Remanufactured Relays

At Patco we strive to create the best possible remanufactured relay. Our relays look so close to new it’s hard to tell a new relay from one of our remanufactured relays. All relays are adjusted to meet the highest in O.E.M. specifications. We remanufacture all types of relays including GRS, US&S, and Safetran.  Check out Patco's relay remanufacturing specs.

We also offer a core exchange program in which we can build the relays you need and once you receive them send in the cores so you can have a smooth transition without interupted service.

Also at Patco we can take your US&S FN16 relay and convert it into a FN16A, we have new contacts and coils for this process. Please call for pricing.

We also have the capabilities to service your B1's per the OEM Safety Notice issued in 1997 which was updated in 2007. This would be a perfect way to utilize our core exchange program.

At Patco we believe relays are the railroads lifeline, without proper remanufacturing techniques, one bad relay could be detrimental to the well being of this lifeline.

Many repair shops say they do this to the relay, or do that to the relay, when we say we do it you know Patco is the name you can trust in the relay remanufacturing industry. If you are looking for your relay to be remanufactured in a signal shop environment, look no further, you have come to the right place.